I Love This! Get on Linkedin!!!

The Grunge received this on Linkedin.  It demonstrates the utility of Linkedin…and the quality of our guys.


Chris Schroll has sent you a message.

Date: 9/20/2012

Subject: Hired a Wabash Grad

Hi, Tom.

In August I posted a discussion, saying I was searching for a Market Research Manager. Within a couple days I got a response from a Wabash alumnus (Class of 1998).

This alumnus was head and shoulders above the other candidates, and we fast tracked him into our organization. He’s finishing his second week here, and already showing his quality.

Just wanted to share this success story about using the LinkedIn group for recruiting purposes. I’m looking forward a long and successful collaboration with this Little Giant Mark, and to learning from him as he contributes to Wolters Kluwer.

Best regards,

Chris Schroll
Class of 1991