Steve Charles H’70 – THE Magazine editor

Steve Charles does a great job – you and I KNOW that.  I’d put the Wabash Magazine up against any other at any time.  He’s a creative guy who really cares about what he does – the Wabash Magazine is a true labor of love for him.

So,  it was nice when I was greeted this AM with an email that mentioned a Facebook post by Steve’s sister, Kelley Poynter.

“My middle brother, Steve Charles, works here. He is the editor of the alumni magazine. Proud sister. When you have a clever brother it is fun when you grow up. However, he also used to call me “kookie kan’s catastrophe carpet cleaners” to which, being neither clever nor quick-witted, i had not response. Now, of course, he is sweet as can be to me!!”

Kelley’s post made an otherwise #$%^&*& morning much, much better.