“Special” Isn’t Special Enough

Presenting the Game Ball

Montgomery County Special Olympians stole the show last night and that was tough to do considering Ohio Wesleyan beat the Little Giants by one point in double overtime.  But they did…and the crowd gave them the Standing Ovation!

In the picture above, an Olympian delivered the game ball.  It was a proud moment.

Below, you can see another Olympian get a High 5 from his coach.

Oh Yeah!

Sports are, in a sense, a great equalizer.  Regardless of your skill level, they are equally enjoyable.  In the same vein, an all out effort, at any level, is sincerely appreciated by those with the opportunity to enjoy watching.  It certainly was last night.

I drove home smiling.  Don’t get me wrong – I hated to see us lose to OWU (they have a great team.)  Our guys just came up one point short.  But the smile came from something much bigger in the grand scheme of things.

A special smile maybe.