Frederick Whitmer ’69 – What It Takes To Be Good

Frederick Whitmer '69

Prominent New York attorney Frederick Whitmer ’69 told it like it is – litigation is war. His audience included several faculty members and many of the Pre-Law students.

No sugar coating.  None.

But in explaining it all, he hit upon the attributes every Wabash guy should have. Boldness.  Courage.  Communication so that the facts are clear and understood.  Summed up really well when he said: “One of the greatest things about a liberal arts education is it teaches you the ability to be creative and imaginative.”

Frederick Whitmer kept the students engaged and taking notes

I had to smile a little because it was a talk where I could replace “litigation” with “flying fighters” and it all fit.  Heck, the only difference between fighter pilots and attorneys is we are about 50 points lower on the IQ scale…and work for 10% of the income.

A good session, full of thought-provoking moments, especially for young lawyers in the making.