It’s Her Car…Sorta…

Susan Dyer's New Car

Jim Dyer ’83 bought his lovely bride a new car… a Mini Cooper.  It’s exactly what she wanted.

Jim even offered to pick out the paint scheme for her….what a gentleman!

As you can see, Susan’s car is “scarlet” and white.  And, when Jim made the trip over to campus this week for the Top 10 Visit day, it even sported a few special add-ons.

He should be on the payroll!!!

Andy Ford H’03 Plays Key Role…at NCC

2005 - President Andy Ford with the Wabash team...and the Bell!

Retired Wabash President Andy Ford H’03 is in the news.  For the past few years, Andy’s played a role in advising the leadership at North Central College (NCC) in Naperville, IL.  As current NCC president Harold Wilde prepares to retire after more than 20 years, Andy will play a key role in the transition.

For the entire story on the change at NCC see this article.

“Special” Isn’t Special Enough

Presenting the Game Ball

Montgomery County Special Olympians stole the show last night and that was tough to do considering Ohio Wesleyan beat the Little Giants by one point in double overtime.  But they did…and the crowd gave them the Standing Ovation!

In the picture above, an Olympian delivered the game ball.  It was a proud moment.

Below, you can see another Olympian get a High 5 from his coach.

Oh Yeah!

Sports are, in a sense, a great equalizer.  Regardless of your skill level, they are equally enjoyable.  In the same vein, an all out effort, at any level, is sincerely appreciated by those with the opportunity to enjoy watching.  It certainly was last night.

I drove home smiling.  Don’t get me wrong – I hated to see us lose to OWU (they have a great team.)  Our guys just came up one point short.  But the smile came from something much bigger in the grand scheme of things.

A special smile maybe.

New Little Giant – Class of “Oh Lord!”


Becket Anthony Runge – 2/14/12

Last night my son Chris ’94 and his lovely wife Lisa added a new boy to the Runge clan – Becket Anthony Runge.  8 lbs., 10 oz. and 21 1/2 inches long.  Born a big lad, the first thing he asked for was the keys to Dad’s Bimmer!

Becket’s big brothers are beginning to talk colleges (oldest is 12!!!) but somehow I think Becket will be a Wabash man.  Heck, all you need to do is look at his initials!

Seriously, Becket, Lisa, and Chris all doing fine…as are Nana and GaBunge!  Seven grandchildren and six are boys! (Family scholarship?)

Thad and Polly Seymour – Old Friends

President Thad Seymour H'78 and his wife Polly talk with Jim and Jan Wood

That’s “my” President in the background – Thad Seymour H’78.  That’s his lovely wife Polly in the red jacket.

For me, catching up with them in Florida was like an alumnus coming back to campus after many, many years.   Something familiar.  Something reassuring.  The world is still good.   After all, I last saw them…well, it was forever ago….and then some.

Thad’s still very much Wabash through and through…and so is Polly.

All is right in my world…at least for the next couple of hours!

Morning Coffee with Dick Havel ’57

Dick Havel '57 on his balcony

I joined Dick for coffee on Wednesday morning at his condo.  Even though it was overcast, I was struck by the view.

Dick and I told stories about everything for Stecks Clothing to the Scarlet Inn to Morris Hall as brand new to Vic Powell – it was a great trip down memory lane.

The interesting thing was our common stories were separated by 14 years…but that the way it works with Wabash.  The faces and spaces change, but the experiences never do.

(Don’t tell Carol that it was in the upper 70s yesterday and I had dinner with friends Leigh and Cory Olson ’85 outside!)

No “Two Hour Delay” Here!

Monday, Feb 6, 2012

The local schools often have 2 hour delays when weather creates a challenge.  The last two days it’s been early morning freezing fog. (no school Sunday of course…unless you have…)

Took this walking to my first meeting yesterday morning. (One of 6 yesterday…)  The fog was thick, but not so think you couldn’t see the campus buildings as you closed in on them.

Beautiful in a weird way…(not good flying weather.)

Off to Florida tomorrow…yes, it’s work!


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