Waive the App Fee? How?

How to apply to Wabash

More and more young men are applying to Wabash on-line.  They may be using the Wabash application (see the link via the picture above) or the Common Application.

Both work.

The question we get asked is how does an alumnus waive the application fee like the good, old days?

Simple.  All the applicant has to do is enter your name and class year as the referring alumnus.  Da Grunge and 1971.  That will take care of the fee.  Easy.  Straightforward.


OK…Maybe Just One More…

Fall 2012

OK…I couldn’t let the view out our front door go by without a shot.

After the rains this past weekend, those remaining leaves are hanging on for dear life.  They’ll lose…we all know that.  But that’s OK.  We all go at some point anyway, right?

Great turnout at Washington University last Saturday.  At kickoff we had more fans than they did.  A shame, really.

Happy fall.  Hope to see several of you at the Wooster game Saturday.

Charlie Kolisek ’14 – He Was Mr. Everything

Charlie Kolisek ’14 celebrates the interception

Charlie Kolisek was a force as a defensive end against Wittenberg.
Charlie Kolisek was a force as a tight end against Wittenberg.

Same Charlie – great game on both sides of the ball.  Interception.  Touchdown reception. Sack.  And more.  All he needed was a punt and a kick!

Charlie’s peformance placed him on the Team of the Week.  Read the story by Brent Harris H’03 here.

Wabash – Witt – Homecoming

Wabash vs. Wittenberg

Wabash and Wittenberg is big enough.  Home or away.  The biggest rivalry in the North Coast Athletic Conference in football – by a large measure.  (The Monon Bell game aside, of course.)  Witt used to be king of the hill.  That was before Jake Knott ’03 and his friends arrived on the scene.  Since then every game has been a slugfest.

Witt scheduled Wabash for their Homecoming.  They have done that before.  I am sure there are some good reasons…I just can’t think of any. Regardless, a great crowd, beautiful weather, and a great football game made it special in every way.

Even better, I didn’t lose the bet and don’t have to wear a Wittenberg sweatshirt to work this week!



Chapel – Scott Himsel ’85

Scott Himsel ’85

Scott Himsel ’85 is the guy with at least 2.67 full time jobs.  Full time partner in a law firm.  Full time college professor at Wabash.  .67 full time as the Pre-law advisor to an ever-growing list of guys who, frankly, want to grow up to be a…Scott Himsel.

Making a point.

Last Thursday, Scott used the Summer 2012 decision by the US Supreme Court on Obamacare as a teaching opportunity.  No, he disguised it a lot better than I just did.  Something like Chief Justice John Roberts – Traitor or Conservative Supporter.  Bottom line – liberal arts teaching opportunity for Scott.

Himsel is a bright guy who makes our young men think out of the box.  But his classes are even better than that – the nature of his courses is that he can “make” our guys support, in thought and word, positions they oppose in real life.

Makes them think.  Makes them question.  Makes them communicate.  Wabash perfect.  Liberal Arts perfect.

As with all Chapels, we sing our hearts out at the end.

From the hills of Maine…




New Wabash Recinto!

The Newest Member of the Ron Recinto ’87 Family

Ron sent me this photo earlier in the month via Facebook.  A new son for Ron and his bride Teresa – I think the college search his already over, if Dad has anything to do with it.

There are 50 legacies in the Class of 2016…almost 20% of the class.  Nice in several ways – says Wabash is relevant and strong.


Friends For Life!

Thumbs Up!

It went something like this.  I was scanning for a crowd photo during a break in the action.  These two Wabash men gave me the silent, “here’s a shot” signal.  I took it, along with another 600 or so that day.

Working through some photos bright and early a couple of mornings ago, I came across it again.  The photo just wasn’t good…I was too close, they were backlite, the camera settings were all wrong…basically 100 different reasons why the shot might end up in the digital wastebasket.

But it isn’t the photo that counts here, I told myself.  It’s the friendship.  It says, no yells, “we’re friends…at Wabash…and for all time.”

I’ll bet you can relate to that, right?


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