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Mock Conventions of the 20th Century

While searching for a picture for a sign here in the Archives, I came across these photos of Mock Political conventions through the 20th Century .

The first image is, I believe, from the 1960 election. While none of these pictures are dated, the signs are somewhat helpful in dating them.

This next photograph is easily identified as 1956, Eisenhower’s re-election campaign.

The next  images  are, I think, from the late 30’s. The picture with flags and FDR also has a very young Warren “Butch Shearer” seated at the desk. The question becomes, was he there as a student of the Class of 1936 or as a very young member of the faculty and lastly is the band playing “Happy Days are Here Again”?

The last of this set of pictures is from the 1970’s. My best guess is 1972 as in the middle of the picture below is a young Peter Frederick who came to Wabash in 1969.

Beth Swift


Wabash College

  1. This posting came to me by e-mail, I am posting it with Mark’s permission…
    Yes, the last two pictures were probably at the 72 ‘Convention’ which was held in the old Little (IM) Gym. I seem to recall that we nominated McGovern for the Democrats. I don’t recall if this was a two-party ‘convention’ where there was a Republican nominated that night. (Of course it was the times — you were hard-pressed to find many openly GOP flag-carriers among students on campus beyond the few who were excited about Otis Bowen.) There may be another photo or two in the ’73 Wabash, but I’m not sure.
    Mark Dewart ’74

  2. Mark Decaroli '91

    Looking that that first picture, it’s possible that it was a 1952 Republican convention. In addition to the Ike and Nixon signs, there are references to McCarthy on two signs. Plus, it’s difficult to read, but the partially obscured sign in the middle of the frame seems to be for “Stassen”.
    I’m not saying I’m right, just offering a point for discussion.
    I think you might have the right idea. That sign does say Stassen. This is one of the benefits of this blog…more feedback, which will make for better information.

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