Hovey Museum

When I make a presentation about the history of the college, I like to start with this image. It is a photograph of the Hovey Museum taken for the 1898 Viewbook.The Hovey Musuem occupied the old Polytechnic Gymnasium which was demolished to build the “new” gym and Armory. I use this image to highlight the changing nature of work here in the Archives. With technology I can now scan an image and share it with anyone who might be interested. Additionally, the scanning helps with research in the following way. Whereas before this technology existed we could only look at this picture as it is here. We could and did use a magnifying glass to see more detail, but that was the extent of what we could learn from this image.

When we scan here in the Archives, we scan at a high level of resolution for our preservation images. We then downsize all our “use” images from that master. By scanning at a high resolution, we only need to scan once. Perhaps the biggest plus is that we can now see details that we couldn’t see before scanning. By having such a high resolution image, I can zoom right into the picture.

For instance, I can now tell you that the cabinet on the back wall holds starfish.  As you might imagine, with this hi-tech tool we are learning new things from our old “stuff”.

Beth Swift