Immersion 60’s style

The Wabash College Glee Club of 1963

I came across these slides and I love them because of their color and vibrancy. The scenery is amazing as are, I am sure the stories behind them.  The Glee Club traveled several thousand miles to perform all over Europe.


Here they are…the Glee Club of 1963 that traveled to Europe under the direction of “Mitch”. What fun that must have been…I imagine that many of the fellows had not flown before this trip…


Here is another beauty…

This is the beach on the French Riviera – beautiful blues – water, sky and hills too!

On the promenade in Cannes…Mitch shaking hands.

Famous landmarks were a part of the experience as well.

Isn’t this a just great picture with the vibrant colors…what a trip that must have been for all involved!!! Truly an immersion trip – 16 concerts permored for seven thousand plus people – what a life changing experience that must have been…


Beth Swift


Wabash College

What a week!


What a week this has been….On Thursday I gave my first ever Chapel Talk, "Some thoughts on the History" not very original…but appropriate. It was really such an honor to be asked to speak in Chapel – if you would like to hear it, there is a link on the College You Tube page.

The next night the play that I have directed opened at the Vanity Theater here in town. The Women, by Clare Booth Luce is a play that I have wanted to do for years now. We started at the end of February and have been working hard ever since…We have an amazing cast – with a number of Wabash women and a number of local actresses as well. It has been a delight seeing them come together in a shared mission. There is a web story on the Women by Jim Amidon who, along with Jerry Bowie an alum and the manager of the Fine Arts Center, are my producers.

Here is a link to the story…

The thing that I love the most about this show is the way it has brought Wabash and Crawfordsville together at the theater…which is just the way it used to be. The Scarlet Masque at Wabash often featured a mix of town and gown. Productions were staged at the theater in the Masonic Temple downtown. The theater is still there…a couple of years ago theater intern Cody Grady [W2010] gained access to the space and I was lucky enough to tag along. That theater is amazing! It is a time capsule really…like the last play closed and the doors were locked and that was the end of it. Very cool!

Here is a photograph of the play Julius Caesar on stage in the Masonic Temple.

Here is a photograph of the play Detective Story on the same stage.


This is a photo of the play Playboy of the Western World…

I love all of these because they are large casts and include a number of local folks as well as Wabash students. Such a nice tradition!


Beth Swift





Pan of ’65

These images speak for themselves…













































































What an incredible weekend that was!!


Beth Swift












































Pan Hel in the Past

The sun is shining, the campus is in glorious bloom and everyone is working very hard – signs of spring to be sure – also signs that Pan-Hel week is here…

A student was in last week looking for information on Pan-Hel as it once was…While looking through the file, I saw this beautiful dance card. It is such a lovely piece that I wanted to share it.

As I told the young researcher, the most important thing to understand about Pan-Hel is how it has changed over the decades. As with so many things at a place as dynamic as Wabash, Pan-Hel has evolved over the years to reflect the times.

This program from the 1903 Pan Hellenic gives us a look at this tradition as it was at the turn of the last century when there were only five fraternities. This would have been the tenth year for this event as the first Pan was held February 9, 1893.

Here is a listing of the 20 dances for the night…Note Old Wabash played first and as a two-step dance. Old Wabash was still a very new song as it had its public premier in 1900.

This next page is a listing of patronesses (chaperones) for the evening….

These women were responsible for the young ladies and it was their charge to see that order and decorum were maintained. Young women would travel to Crawfordsville from all over the country. The girls arrived in town on the train and these good women had charge of them. Many were lodged in homes locally, some of the better heeled dates might have reserved a room at the Crawford Hotel, but these were under close scrutiny as well.

Here is one more image of Pan-Hel – it is not dated but I might place it in the late 30’s or early 40’s.

What a great shot – the formal dress, bandstand and as we can see, all on the gym floor! More tomorrow when I will post some more pictures, including several shots of that fabulous Pan of 1965 – complete with luau…

Beth Swift
Wabash College