This is a small part of a page from the Atlas of 1878. We can learn a lot about the history of the campus from this small image. The “College Building” is Center Hall, with its new library and chapel in the first and second floors of the north wing. The “Dormitory” is what came to be known as South Hall. The “Normal Building” is Kingery Hall and it housed the Teacher Education department or Normal School.

“Forest Home” is of course Forest Hall which Caleb Mills bought and had moved to this campus, about where the Sparks Center is today. The “Gymnasium” was also for a number of years the Hovey Museum then later referred to as Assembly Hall. “The “Headley House” was the home of Atlas Minor Hadley, a professor. This is the home that today we call the Kendall House.

Moving again to the north of the campus, we see the “Old Town Cemetery”. Actually mislabeled, this was the Presbyterian Cemetery or the Mills Cemetery as it was owned by Caleb Mills. This was where our founders and the friends of Wabash were buried in the middle of the the 1800’s. Now behind the Phi Psi house, in the years after this Atlas was drawn, the area was developed as residential housing. I read that the graves were very carefully¬†opened and the contents removed to Oak Hill Cemetery.

The “Wm Herron” house across from Campus is where Dean of Students Mike Raters lives today. Lastly, the “Crawfordsville Coffin Manuf.” is where the Lew Wallace Motor Inn was located for decades.

I hope you enjoy this map as much as I did.

Beth Swift