1. Veteran’s Village – a.k.a.Mud Hollow which was home to married students in the 50s, early 60s. Later baseball field and now the new soccer complex.

2. Kingery Hall – Served as preparatory school, later as a private home and then as an infirmary and dormitory. Kingery took its name from the faculty family who lived there for years. Kingery was destroyed in a storm and this is now the site of the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and religion.

3. Old South Hall – This was the first college building built on this campus and contained a dormitory, Chapel, Library and class room space. Nearly completed when it burned in 1838, the citizens of Crawfordsville rallied around the college and the building was repaired. Future site of Baxter Hall.

4. Waugh Hall – Built shortly after WWII. Later joined by Thomas Labs and both were  demolished to build Hays Hall.

5. Yandes Library – now expanded and re-christened Detchon Hall. Housed the library with the curved portion on the east serving as the reading room. The hall in the middle held stacks rising from the floor to the skylight.

6. Caleb Mills House – same location as now, has never been moved.

7. Mills Place – Faculty housing, former site of Caleb Mills’ orchard and pond. Perfect for ice skating in the winter.

8. Forest Hall – Original college building moved to the first of its on campus locations. Served as the original Scarlet Inn. This site is the future home of the Campus (Sparks) Center and interestingly the current Scarlet Inn.

9. Armory/Gymnasium – Note the skylights in the gym


Beth Swift
Wabash College