Immersion 60’s style

The Wabash College Glee Club of 1963

I came across these slides and I love them because of their color and vibrancy. The scenery is amazing as are, I am sure the stories behind them.  The Glee Club traveled several thousand miles to perform all over Europe.


Here they are…the Glee Club of 1963 that traveled to Europe under the direction of “Mitch”. What fun that must have been…I imagine that many of the fellows had not flown before this trip…


Here is another beauty…

This is the beach on the French Riviera – beautiful blues – water, sky and hills too!

On the promenade in Cannes…Mitch shaking hands.

Famous landmarks were a part of the experience as well.

Isn’t this a just great picture with the vibrant colors…what a trip that must have been for all involved!!! Truly an immersion trip – 16 concerts permored for seven thousand plus people – what a life changing experience that must have been…


Beth Swift


Wabash College

  1. Phil Young, 1965

    While I wouldn’t call it life-changing, it was truly an eye-opening experience for a bunch of largely middle-American guys. We were exposed to countries and languages that most of us had only studied in school; never experienced first-hand. It was fun to sing in the large churches and recital venues, but it was especially fun to break into song in a restaurant or a biergarten and have the patrons applaud our spontaneous performance. Yes, there are a lot of stories behind the pictures…..

  2. The blondest of the blonds in the first photo is I. We had the privilege of spending several weeks in Europe thanks in large part to the generosity of Fred Hadley, who picked up most of the tab. Those who could not afford to pay a dime did not have to. In addition to the Mitchums, we were accompanied by Bill and Becky Degitz, who still live adjacent to campus and are as kind to me now as they were 47 years ago.
    We had large audiences in large part because all of our posters featured “directed by Robert Mitchum.” There was a famous Hollywood actor by that name, and no doubt many came to see him and get his autograph. Instead, they got us.
    Whenever I visit the city of Pistoia (near Florence) today, I spontaneously break into a chorus of “We are marching to Pistoia,” our adaptation of “We are marching to Pretoria.” I always stop into the church where we performed and quietly sing a verse of Old Wabash.
    In a couple of weeks, the Glee Club with Richard Bowen travels to Ecuador. Gentlemen, what a collection of stories you will bring back. And when you retell them 47 years from now, my bet is that a few of them may even be true!

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