The Wabash College Glee Club of 1963

I came across these slides and I love them because of their color and vibrancy. The scenery is amazing as are, I am sure the stories behind them.  The Glee Club traveled several thousand miles to perform all over Europe.


Here they are…the Glee Club of 1963 that traveled to Europe under the direction of “Mitch”. What fun that must have been…I imagine that many of the fellows had not flown before this trip…


Here is another beauty…

This is the beach on the French Riviera – beautiful blues – water, sky and hills too!

On the promenade in Cannes…Mitch shaking hands.

Famous landmarks were a part of the experience as well.

Isn’t this a just great picture with the vibrant colors…what a trip that must have been for all involved!!! Truly an immersion trip – 16 concerts¬†permored for seven thousand plus people – what a life changing experience that must have been…


Beth Swift


Wabash College