Hounds in history

While scanning some items from the 1965 yearbook, I came across this great photo of the Lambda Chi dog and it was too good not to share…

The caption under the photo read, “Khan, the Lambda Chi dog keeps a watchful eye out for the bread man’s leg.”

Here is another great photo of a campus dog…while many men remember that Mason B. Thomas was the “Maker of Men” he was also a dog owner. Here is a photograph of Thomas’ dog on the front porch of the professor’s home. This house would have been between the Caleb Mills House and the Lilly Library.

There have been many dogs on campus and, of course, the stories abound…if you have one you would like to share with the world, post a comment…


Beth Swift


Wabash College

Crawfordsville, IN

  1. Karen McCarthy

    When I was a kid, the FiGi’s had a wonderful Great Dane named Betsy. A fraternity member would pick you up to see if you were light enough to ride Betsy. She was so gentle.
    Dad has a favorite comic from the bachelor, I think, of Ted Gronert lecturing to a room full of sleeping Wabash men and one very alert dog.

  2. Karen McCarthy

    Correction! Betsy was a St. Bernard, not a great dane.

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