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As we are moving things around, we are encountering any number of interesting items. These films of 1928 are excellent examples of a couple of such items. These 16mm films have been kept in the Archives and, while neat to look at as artifacts, it is their content that is of real interest. A casual chat with Adam Bowen in the Media Center about how neat it would be to be able to see these movies. Adam placed a campus classified ad asking for a 16mm projector and Jamie Ross in IT found one in a closet in Baxter Hall. Better yet, it was in perfect working order.

Adam projected the movie on to a blank background for filming with a digital video camera. He called me over and for the first time ever I saw the old history move!! Right there on screen was President Hopkins, Dean George Kendall, Doc Howell and tons of others. I saw the freshman class practicing their spirit yells. I watched the football team play, including some pretty good kick-offs. All of these combined with that now rare, but easily remembered, sound a film projector makes as it plays, click, click, click…IT WAS SO COOL!!!

We will have the silent film running in the Lilly Library over Homecoming if you would like to see a little about life at Wabash in 1928. There are scenes of golf at the Country Club, football, tennis in the arboretum, Chapel, faculty members, fraternities of that era – including a very young Byron Trippet – the old FIJI house when it was new, same for the old Kappa Sigma house. This film is really just a wonderful little window on Wabash in the late 1920’s.

Beth Swift
Wabash College

Update: You can find some of these clips on You Tube. Adam Bowen posted them. Search Wabash College+1928s and you will find them. Many thanks to Adam for his tech savvy!!!

  1. Now this sounds like something interesting to see…
    Exactly when will this be playing during homecoming?
    I’m a FIJI so it would be really cool to see the old house brand new…
    Dear Steven,
    It will be playing in the library all day long. Also, Adam posted some clips on You tube. If you search this string on You tube it will pull up the clips: wabash college+1928.
    I just love technology! It allows us to share so much more of our collection.

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