Homecoming in the 20s and 30s Part I

Note: This entry on homecoming has a lot of images with it so I am breaking it into two parts. I hope that this helps a little with load times…B

As the campus gears up for Homecoming 2009, I thought it might be fun to look as some old images of this celebration…The poster above was for the homecoming celebration of 1937. It is interesting to note that this was the Monon Bell game. I also note that no speeches and no programs were to take place! However there was lunch, then the game, then a meeting of “W” men or men who had won athletic letters. All of that fun and, just as now, there was a Homecoming Concert free to the public. This is just a great old poster filled with loads of energy!

This photo shows the homecoming bonfire built by the Class of 1925. It was the chore of each freshman class to build a bonfire and protect it from the sophomore class. These bonfires were built of anything the marauding freshmen could find and drag back to campus.

As seen in the photograph above, an outhouse was the preferred topper for a really good bonfire. I have always wondered what the neighbors thought at this time of year. Were they out in their backyards standing guard?

Continues in Homecoming part two

Beth Swift
Wabash College