Chapel Sing 1938

This past weekend as I watched the reunion classes at the Big Bash participate in the Chapel Sing it was like watching time travelers…the year was not important. For the alums,  it was the gathering of their class on the steps, all together, to sing “Old Wabash”.  From the smile on their faces, it was a pleasant journey.

This morning as I was looking through some pictures, I came across this small snapshot from 1938. This picture is labeled “Chapel Sing 1938”. Most of the young men in the shot are wearing freshman “pots”. Perhaps the organization of the event? Perhaps photos of each fraternity class, the photographer appears to be at work.

At any rate, this picture put me to mind of the Chapel Sing at Big Bash and from what I could see, a great time was had by both alums and their appreciative audience.

Beth Swift
Wabash College