Junior Fence

This is an image of the Junior Fence from the 1920’s. This fence stood between Center Hall and the Peck Hall of Sciences (where Hays Hall now stands). In this photograph we are looking into what is now the Mall. On the far left behind the fence is Forest Hall, to the right of that is the Tapy house, which were both moved for the construction of the Campus (later named Sparks) Center. At the far right of  the picture is the Wabash Power Plant, about where the flagpole on the Mall is today.

The junior fence and the senior bench were pretty seriously guarded. Each was passed to the next class during Class Day ceremonies at the end of the year.

I like this image because it shows us the Mall before it became the heart of the campus. At the time of this picture, this area was still functioning as the backyard of the College.

Beth Swift


Wabash College