When the calendar turns to November, our thoughts turn to the most important game of the year. No, not a big playoff game…even bigger! As coaches discover with Wabash football, there are two seasons and the second season is only one game long.  Yes, that’s right it’s time once again for the Monon Bell game!

This rivalry is strong and each year it seems to grow just a little bit more. Let’s look at some past imagery and get ready for THE BELL GAME!

The headline above is from the November 18, 1932 Bachelor. This was the first year that the Monon Bell was the trophy to the winner of the rivalry. Disappointingly, the game ended in a tie. But  here is the article about the bell and its new life as a coveted trophy.


This headline, all in red, is from 1951 and states the mission pretty clearly.

Get that Tiger

Keep that Bell

Beat DePauw


What a great cover for the game of 1954, played at home.

Looks like we won in 1984! I love the enthusiasm of these students, this was a very happy day for Wabash.

And on that upbeat note, let’s  will close with that famous old saying…

DePauw to H##L



Go Wabash!

Beth Swift


Wabash College