Lichtenstein circus picture not datedSometimes in the spring things get a little silly on campus. It seems like the warm sun just brings out the kid in all of us. But there was a time when there was a real circus on campus. The Royal Lichtenstein Quarter Ring Circus visited Wabash several times in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Here is the best photo of all that I have seen. It really shows the delight of the audience members, young and old.

LichtensteinCircus 1978 04 14 p3

This Bachelor article from April 14, 1978 gives us a little background on this interesting touring group. And clearly they were a hit at Wabash based on the frequency of their return performances.

And, whether or not it is officially a circus, on some warm sunny days here on campus, the mall is hopping with life – students and faculty who stop to chat with one another, Sphinx Club members doing air raids and Career Services taking their show to where the students are found. Yes, on a warm spring day it feels a little like the circus has come to town, which means not long now until commencement!


All best, 
Beth Swift
Wabash College