Hello Wallies and Wabash enthusiasts,

For future reference, I will be posting informative bits every week or so (and not every single day) due to the difficulties of identifying interesting facts/situations through Wabash historical documents for each day.  That being said, it has been a great experience being able to look through these documents and expose myself to things I did not know previous to this endeavor.  Let’s get started:

In light of it being Earth Day today, I would like to celebrate this holiday by shedding some knowledge about how some students reacted to something called “Low Carbon Day” seven years ago.

April 19, 2008: On this day, Wabash students protest against Bon Appetit’s “Low Carbon Day,” an event to recognize the significance of Earth Day which resulted in the removal of products that produce emissions.  The average weekday at Sparks Center fed 200 students; that day, they only fed 50.

Now, here is today’s interesting fact:

April 22, 1999: Delta Phi, a fraternity that only consisted of 5 members and was unrecognized by the college, voted itself dormant and suspended its operations.


Hopefully you all have found these informative bits of Wabash history interesting and informative.  Be sure to look at next week’s post to learn something about what is now the 1832 Brew.

In Wabash,

Graham Redweik ’16