1937 Homecoming poster

I thought you might enjoy the poster from the 1937 Homecoming weekend. It is quite a display of enthusiasm promising “Fun for All” and a “Stupendous! Amazing! Spectacle!” I particularly love the “Old Settler’s Picnic, Family Reunion, Fireman’s Frolic and Veteran’s Festival” description of Homecoming.  It seems a pretty fair description of the game we call Monon Bell.

Here is another image of a Wabash Homecoming from the past. This image is in honor of our freshmen who are busily working on their floats. As I understand it, this year’s float theme is tied to Wally Wabash. So for all of you who remember Wally as a jolly, chubby fellow with a ton of enthusiasm and perhaps very little tact, here is one from the files.

Don Cole’s Wally Wabash as a Homecoming float

And for the more refined taste, here is an image from an old issue of the Caveman…

Cover art October 1931

I love this image as it conveys the essence of Homecoming for most men. A chance to return to Old Wabash for a long chat with old friends. Whether you are traveling back or watching the game from a long distance, here’s hoping for a Wabash win!!!


All best,
Beth Swift
Wabash College