Wabash College in the 1930s

In the last post I had a photograph of the football field at night with lights. An email question from Steve Hoffman, former QB and football history hound prompted me to take another look at that picture. In my last post I offhandedly said that the field ran parallel to the train tracks which slice through our south campus.  Not true, as the field, at that time, ran north and south as this campus aerial shows, or perpendicular. Thanks Steve for your clarifying question. In this photo we can clearly see the railroad tracks and the football field in the bottom right.

A little zoom on the image and we get this neat picture of the campus…

The gym still has its skylights which filled the place with daylight. The new drive is in place creating the Mall in front of the Chapel. No Goodrich Hall yet so that dates this photo to the early 30s. I love these old aerials and I hope you enjoy them too. They give us so much information about the campus as it was.

All best,
Beth Swift
Wabash College