There is a buzz in the air around this time of year at Wabash College. It could be the hum of saws and the thump of hammers as the homecoming “floats” come to life. It could the  growl of beefy football players working out their game day strategies, or it could be the sound of the pledge classes as they practice “Dear Old Wabash” for Chapel Sing. Whatever it is, this buzz is part of what I love so much about working here on campus. It is the renewal of old traditions, it is the reminder of homecomings past and it is the knowledge that we are all a part of what Byron Trippet called the “tapestry that is the life of the college.” Homecoming is a time when the threads of another year are added to all those of years past. A beautiful pattern is formed and yet never finished. Ah, homecoming ….

Here are some pics from the 1939 Homecoming, taken by Robert W. Schaller [W1942].

I might also add that the “Old Homestead” is the Crawford house, home to generations of Lambda Chi Alpha brothers.


Beth Swift