When I opened my e-mail this morning I had a comment on a post from last November – here is the link to that post:


It was a story about a picture of a student’s room in the 1890s and here is the comment:

“…What a surprise to see this article online.  James Ray Thomas ’01 was my great-grandfather.  Thomas & Skinner is still a going concern, though the family has had no real connection since the 40s. It’s apparently considered the oldest remaining American magnet company — Chinese companies having taken much of the current demand for magnets. Interesting tid-bit: magnets used during the Apollo moon mission were from T&S — something to do with the moon mobile, which I assume is still there…” – G. B. Landrigan

G.B. Landrigan [W1985] is an alum with a passion for history. He serves as the Archivist for the Beta Theta Pi chapter at Wabash College. Here is a link to the website he has created for his fraternity: http://www.wabashbeta.com/












It is handsome and full of information, including biographies of his predecessors. It really is a fascinating site, I would encourage anyone interested in Wabash history to set aside some time and look through the “Our History and Archives” section of this site.


Beth Swift
Wabash College