As a part of their pledgeship Sphinx Club rhynies are directed to research a topic in the Archives. As a result of one young man’s interest in the Little Giant Room, we scanned this picture for his report.

This image was taken from a pamphlet created at the time the building was finished. I thought it might be fun to post that picture along with this next one of the pool hall – now known as the Bookstore.

As we see, the changes to both of these areas have been substantial. One place that has not changed is the Scarlet Inn. It is still the place to go for a bite to eat, a great cup of coffee and some good conversation.

Quite a few legends in this picture – among others, Ed Haenisch ordering at the counter, young Ben Rogge looking right at the camera and that is Bob Harvey seated.

I should add that the building was originally the Campus Center and later named the Sparks Center in honor of our President Sparks, the driving force behind the project.

Enjoy this peek into the past!

Me? I am off to the Scarlet Inn for a cup of coffee and a blueberry scone…


Beth Swift