As we approach the first of June things get very busy around Wabash. Big Bash is on its way and all over campus folks are working to make this the best ‘Bash ever! Much like commencement week, there are dozens of tasks to be done. Here in the Archives we are busy getting ready for the next Scarlet Yarns sessions.

If you are not familiar with the Scarlet Yarns project – let me explain it…Scarlet Yarns is the brainchild of Marilyn Smith from the Advancement Office. It is based on the amazing “Story Corps” project as heard on National Public Radio. Folks record their stories, some are selected for airing and all are archived at the Library of Congress. Here at the Big Bash, we use video cameras and all of the raw tapes come to the Archives. Some are selected and edited into a commemorative DVD.

There are always amazing stories to be heard at the Big Bash and this is one attempt to preserve them for the future. Here is link to a Steve Charles story about the Scarlet Yarns project:

Here is another link to a Tom Runge posting about the project:

This last link is to a page on the Wabash magazine, at the very bottom is a link that you can click on for the 2008 Scarlet Yarns. The link will take you to I-Tunes U where you can watch all or a part of a movie of selected Scarlet Yarns.

For the first time, the Archives is hosting the Scarlet Yarns. When the coffee shop moved into the old library director’s office, we were faced with a decision…where to record the Scarlet Yarns? Adam Bowen, the Director of the Media Center has created a studio here in the lower level of the Lilly Library. Alums will be directed to the Archives where they can peruse old yearbooks, copies of the Bachelor and other historic items. Each alumnus will then be directed to the studio next door to the Archives for their recording session.

It is neat to be able to bring alums to the Archives during Big Bash, after all this is where the history they have created lives on for the future. The Scarlet Yarns will be recording from 1-5 pm on Friday and from 9-10:45am and 1-5pm on Saturday. Stop by the Lilly Library and we will direct to the Archives.

I hope to see you here for Scarlet Yarns this next weekend.

Beth Swift
Wabash College