Spring Classes

Nothing says spring like a class held outside. This image is of Don Baker and his class out in front of Center Hall on a beautiful day. It looks like this is a day fairly early in the spring. The trees are just coming into leaf and the blossoms on the trees are ready to open. This picture appeared in the 1965-66 yearbook.

This is just a great picture of a scene that has happened here hundreds (thousands?) of times and still happens from time to time. When a warm, sunny day tempts the prof. outside, it seems a little magical. A bit of a throwback to the ancient teaching ways. The learned elder shares the wisdom he has accumulated over a lifetime with the youth of the village. In this case the elder is Don Baker and the village is Wabash College. Don Baker was a poet and a highly regarded member of the English faculty at Wabash from 1953-1987.

Enjoy your spring!

Beth Swift
Wabash College