This image is a portion of the centerfold from the 1962 yearbook. I zoomed in and then cropped the image to show the many changes to this portion of the campus.

In this image: The Library is still new and does not have the expanded footprint we know today. The MXI has yet to be founded and the mall has not yet achieved its current configuration. Yandes (now Detchon) is still facing the Arboretum and about half the size of today’s building. The Betas have commenced construction of their “new” house. The Delts are still across the street in their old house. Hovey Cottage and Forest Hall have yet to arrive at their current location, near the Caleb Mills House. I love to look at pictures like this of campus over time. A great deal has changed since 1962.

A great deal is also the same. Students still rush to class straight out of bed. The Library, now approaching its 50th anniversary, is still a central hub of the campus. The Campus Center, now Sparks Center, is still the scene of faculty roundtables at the Scarlet Inn. Students still grouse about the food served in the Great Hall and study like crazy. It seems that there is a thread that runs through this place that is pure Wabash and never changes. Byron Trippet used to refer to the life of the college as a tapestry. That is just about the best way to describe this place of many parts, constantly changing and yet still the same.

A beautifully woven, yet never finished, tapestry.

Beth Swift