This is a photograph of the Barb Association ca 1914, the forerunner of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. This photo was taken using a rotating camera which is why the curb, which is straight, appears to bend.  This was a popular type of photograph at the time and in our reading room we have a similar photo of the entire Wabash student body of 1912.

These gentlemen are posed in front of their handsome brick house with their sign proudly hanging from the front porch. This house has other long-term Wabash connections. Located on South Washington Street, just before the train tracks, some may know it as the longtime home of retired Athletic Director Max Servies [W1958]. Built by a Wabash man in the 1850s, it was also the home of our fourth Wabash President, George Stockton Burroughs, from 1892-1899.

Lastly, I would like to point out that just over the shoulders of the men on the far right we can just see the west end of the Big Four Station, essentially the arrival and departure gate for the College. The old station was torn down and a grocery store was built. Some may remember the old A&P store there, then it was a Crawford’s grocery store.

The house is still in excellent shape and continues to stand as a witness to more than 150 years of life in this small town.


Beth Swift