I can tell it is approaching the end of the semester by the change in the students. They are just a little more determined as they walk across campus. They are filling the library and printing out the final copies of their papers. The discussions I hear as I come and go are mostly centered on a paper, a final or the day next week when they finish this semester. The faculty is anticipating the rush of grading and the guys are truly focused on their work. Indeed, the whole campus is holding its breath just a little. This is the time between the end of classes and the end of the semester. There is a sort of hush on the campus at this time.

This great image is from the Brigance Collection. It is a picture of Dean George Kendall with his class in the spring of 1956. Dean Kendall sits at the front of the class and the students are clearly focused on their tests. I suppose there are blue books being filled and we can see that the setting is in the Armory.  Dr. Brigance was meticulous in documenting his work and his notes say that this is from May, 1956 and titled, “Ron Grimes and Dean Kendall.”

Beth Swift