Today is the day!

I just gave online – it is super easy.


In honor of ALL the women who have served Wabash well throughout her history!


A small gift to honor those women who have, for the whole of the history, sacrificed and struggled to make Wabash what she is today!

Here are the ways that women serve/have served Wabash:


Those who work or have worked here, whether faculty or staff.

Our first ladies who never stop working for Wabash.

The wives of our alumni and trustees.

The wives of faculty members.

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, the mothers of all of the Wabash men in history.


Your good work, many sacrifices and love for this unusual place are a key part of the strength of Wabash.


4.22 is a great day for Wabash College! A group of alumni leaders will give $142,200 to the Annual Fund if 2,200 people Stand T.A.L.L. and make a gift TODAY. I made my gift. If you believe in the College’s mission, join me by making a gift today.