1951 was a year of big changes on campus. As the excerpt from the Wabash Alumni Bulletin of 12/1951 reports, alums on campus for Homecoming were surprised at the changes.

 Don Cole and his clear-eyed cartooning caught the spirit of the surprised alumni with another of his fabulous Wally Wabash cartoons as an enterprising Wally offers maps to alums to help them find their way – for a small fee, of course!

Gone is the old Forest Hall which was moved south of old South Hall. This is a picture of Forest in its new location. When the college moved Forest Hall again in the mid-sixties,  the basement was repurposed for a campus services garage just south of Baxter Hall.

In the article there is also a mention of the Tapy house in transit. Here is a photo of that in process. It looks like a bit of a tight squeeze between Goodrich and the Chapel.

To alums, it must have been a little unnerving to return to Wabash and find everything so completely changed. But time marches on and all of this hubbub was in preparation for construction of the long awaited student union building – initially named the Campus Center – rechristened as the Sparks Center in honor of the president who was so passionate about a central place on campus where students, faculty and alumni could gather. The Scarlet Inn has served as the scene of many a heated, yet respectful, discussion. The Great Hall which offered a dining option for independent men and a place to host our own banquets. Prior to the Campus Center, our banquets were at the Masonic Temple or the Crawford Hotel.

The Wabash College campus is a work in progress, never finished. What a change the Campus Center made in the life of the College with its bowling alley, pool tables, television and private café. Different needs for different times create a drive to improve the student experience. It has always been this way and will continue to be so. I just love to look back while at the same time wondering what will happen next at Dear Old Wabash.

All best,
Beth Swift
Wabash College