View from above

Wabash College aerial photo ca. 1960

This photo is an interesting view of Wabash, a view of the college in transition. the brand new Campus Center and its dormitories are in place. In front of what we know as the Sparks Center we can just barely see the holly tree which was planted by Byron Trippet. The tree is small and in the shadow of the larger tree across the drive.

We see the new Lilly Library and Waugh Hall minus its later addition, Thomas Labs. Interesting to note that in this photograph, there is a road from the library to Waugh Hall, which is gone now.

On the south end of campus we see that old South Hall is missing and Baxter Hall is yet to be started.

This is a great picture to document the changes on campus. The decade of the late 50’s to early 60’s was a time of tremendous change. How nice that we have this picture to study these many years later.

Beth Swift
Wabash College