Don’t walk here!


When the Lilly Library was new, and indeed until the remodeling of the 1990’s, one thing all Wabash men knew not to do was walk on the seal. It was just one of those traditions – like today’s young men who will not walk under the arch. This seal was right in the middle of the main floor. It was not to be walked on by a student. When the Library was remodeled in the 90’s a brass seal was installed in the entryway and the old seal was removed.

I am prompted to remember this seal because of the t-shirts we are working on for the Wedgeworth – Lilly Library Prize for research, scholarship or creative works. On the front of the t-shirt is the image of the gentleman in the library. One the back is this image…

This is actually a colorized photo of the seal in the Lilly Library from the brochure above. While the old seal is not under the carpet, generations of alums still remember exactly where not to walk…


Beth Swift


Wabash College

Crawfordsville, IN