While working with the yearbook editor who was looking for old pics, I came across these pictures and scanned them. Because they are so neat, I thought I would share these images with some folks who might not see the yearbook. The first picture is of the Armory and Gymnasium shortly after completion – an “as built” photo. It is interesting because once the brick walls went into place following the construction of Goodrich Hall, this view has not been easily available.

When this building was completed, it offered the most modern accommodations for athletes. Included in these top drawer features was a practice gymnasium on the top floor of the Amory. This space quickly became the College Chapel as enrollments were up, space was limited and Chapel was still required.

In the above photo, we can see the new locker room which was a big hit with the students. During basketball season they  now had their own locker room. Prior to this, the college basketball team played at the YMCA downtown. For years the home court for Wabash basketball was shared with the other teams in town. Solidly built, the Armory still serves the students of today via the Writing Center and other offices.

Of course the big star of this complex was the gymnasium which we now call Chadwick court. As you can see there was a wooden floor placed over the dirt subfloor with plenty of bleachers for the large home crowds. This space also had amazing natural light thanks to three rows of skylights. Long since covered over, these skylights filled this area with sunshine.

I hope you enjoy these photos

Beth Swift
Wabash College