Sovann Kho ’19: Gothic Architecture

Gothic Architecture
Campus: Harlaxton College, UK
Fall Semester 2017

Sovann Kho ’19—They did not allow me to take pictures of Westminster Abbey in London as soon as I step in the front door. It did not really bother me at that moment. However, when I went in, it was so hard to hold my phone down. I found my favorite Gothic style architecture.

Art Museum

Westminster Abbey is beautiful and is the representation of Britain power, pride, and inspiration. The interior wall and nave of the building is so decorative. The ratio of the dimension is so well calculated and constructed that the space seemed small. The nave is so high up as it is reaching into space. In addition, Westminster Abbey expresses Britain power. The floor is full of the tombs of important people such as artists, royal families, and leaders. Not very surprised, Westminster Abbey becomes the place where kings and queens get crowned. The enormity and the firm standing structure in the middle of London seem like it is the root of the entire place. Moreover, while I was standing in the middle of the building, I felt a sense of pride and inspiration. I am very sure the awesomeness of this building does give the British people a sense of pride of being British, and I would feel the same if I were British. Personally, the architecture inspired me to strive for something big and great although I am not sure what I want to strive for yet. I am sure it also gives the same sense to the young Britain as it did to me as well. Westminster Abbey amazed me, and it is the Britain power, pride, and inspiration.


I am really thankful for the Givens family and Wabash College for giving me an opportunity to sense the world in a different perspective. I was able to study Gothic style architecture in the UK and learned how important those art forms are in the UK.Westminster Abbey, for instance, is very important to the British because it represents their art and culture, and especially, it is where the kings and queens got crowned. I would not have this rare opportunity without the help from the Givens family and Wabash College.