This past week has been one of contrasts, surprises and hard work. It started with the group trip to Calp. After the most challenging fall break of my life, I was more than ready to avoid travelling for awhile- but, as the trip was completely guided and paid for, I felt obligated to attend.

We were going to see ¨Moros y Cristianos,¨ a traditional parade commemorating the wars between, ironically enough, the Moors and the Christians during the Reconquista. The email sent out to UVA students vaguely mentioned something about trekking until the parade began.

Peñón de Ifach

Turns out we were climbing a gorgeous mountain in the middle of a small harbor. Though I was hardly dressed or rested for the occasion, the steep drop-offs and perfect vistas were magical.

The parade too differed from my expectations. I saw a few recognizably Spanish looking soldiers, but a lot more dancing trees, pirates, or floats with rotating skulls. Very bizarre, and great music- and so many participants.

Moros y Cristianos went late into the night and was preceeded by a gorgeous sunset.

After I came back from Calp, it was time to hit the books. Linguistics, vocab literary analysis… all of these challenges kept me fairly studious after my long afternoon walks and/or siestas.

The weather in Valencia is actually comperable to early fall in Indiana- the perfect walking weather. So hopefully I’m burning off some of the those complex carbs obligatory in every Spanish meal.

As my health is back to normal, I’ve been able to meet Dario, Diana’s four week old son. While incessant crying gets old (he’s been living in the apartment since he came home from the hospital), he’s completely adorable.


In other news, I’ve finally started my internship with Spanish lawyer Ángela Coquillat. It’s a two-woman firm based out of Valencia, and with strong client bases in Madrid and Alicante. Our first day was spent getting to know the firm and looking over a case file. I had the opportunity this past summer to intern with the U.S. District Court Clerk’s Office, so I felt oddly familiar with the style of the conspiracy to distribute narcotics case- phone taps, transcripts, warrant requests- but this time it was all in Spanish! I’m definitely going to have a good time at this internship, and will continue to report.

With that, I’m back out to continue exploring Málaga and find a Halloween costume.