Hard To Believe It’s Time to Come Home

Nathan Schrader ’10 – As I take a quick break from studying for my last final, I can’t believe that in five days I will be back home on Indiana soil. It’s been pretty crazy, the last couple weeks; I’ve travelled somewhere 5 consecutive weekends in a row. Florence, London, central and Northern Italy, Paris, and finally, to cap it all off, Interlaken Switzerland in the Alps. 

Similar to Brad Jones’ blog, I too came to a similar conclusion after each visit: it’s not the places you go, but with whom you experience them.

In London, we weren’t the most efficient, but it was one of the most fun nights I had because four other Wabash men and I from four different places met up and celebrated Bell weekend (my “favorite” aunt was kind enough to house us and supply a good time in the fridge).

Random nights in Rome made me long for my pledge brothers to wander down the streets beside me. While in Paris, I couldn’t help but wish my dad was there to experience all of the art and architecture. And Interlaken was incredible with its giant mountains, rainbow beginnings 50 feet ahead of me, and my cousins guiding us along through the snowy cliffs, but in the back of my head, the only thing that was missing was my brother Nic. He would’ve loved the place.

Every place in the world is amazing – from the giant cities of Europe to the tiny hilltowns surround Rome. But while each city taught me something different or gave me a moment that stopped me in my tracks, they all made me realize how much I appreciate the relationships I have with the people I left behind. 

Top right: Schrader, far left with classmates in London. Lower left, Shrader, at right, with his cousins.