2022 Rudolph Scholarship | Studying Abroad: Malik Barnes ’23

Rudolph-Funded Study Abroad
Summer 2022 Rudolph Scholarship Blog
Malik Barnes ’23 – Amsterdam

One experience that really moved me was going to the Stedelijik Museum, also known as the Museum for Modern and Contemporary Art and Design in Amsterdam. This experience was so moving to me because many of the exhibits required that I take a different perspective, and this speaks to the most impactful element of my entire experience in Europe. From meeting new people from all over the world, to witnessing different ways of life, and different approaches to the same public issues was absolutely outstanding! Though there were many pieces in the Stedelijik that caught my eye, one of the most interesting to me, was shockingly a piece on American racism. As a studier of rhetoric, it was very striking to me how things could be understood differently within a different cultural context, this was reflected and traceable in their rhetorical approach to explaining and exhibiting on American racism. It wasn’t incorrect, or inaccurate, it was just different. This aided in showing me the power in understanding not only that one’s perspective can be different, but the historical and contextual elements that fuel one’s perspective as well. Overall, it was a very moving experience and while I appreciate the classroom setting for as much as it offers however, I must say for this experience getting out and exploring was far more impactful! I want to thank Wabash College and the Rudolph family for making this experience possible.


Malik Barnes ’23 – Amsterdam