Rudolph-funded Study Abroad
Summer 2022 Rudolph Scholarship Blog
Jared Gady ’23 – London

Saying that my study abroad in London was memorable would be selling it extremely short. The experience was so broad- new challenges in transportation, cultures, and ideas. Learning to navigate international airports, trains, cars, Lorie’s and walking new streets filled with smells, sights, and sounds. The new classmates and discussions from worldwide perspectives and a diverse range of cultures challenged my ideas and outlook. Eating different things for breakfast, lunch, and dinner items expanded my palette. Words alone cannot capture my gratitude to the Rudolph family for the assistance and support they provided me to be able to afford this opportunity. The past eight weeks in London were life changing. The new friendships and memories will last a lifetime. Out of all the memories and experiences, the most unforgettable was when I was on the tube when an elderly woman had a seizure and collapsed on the floor a few feet to my left. I immediately rushed to her without a second thought, rolled her over onto her side, and then pulled the emergency alarm. After the emergency personnel boarded, I noticed that most of the people in the crowded subway car were trying to ignore the medical emergency. Some even complained about the delay it was causing, which I found quite upsetting. As I write this blog, I cannot help but reflect on The Gentleman’s Rule drilled into my head since freshman orientation. At a critical point in someone else’s life, the action of The Gentleman’s Rule had become a part of my DNA. Life has a way of providing critical moments that change your trajectory. The decision to attend Wabash College, apply to the London School of Economics, and with the help of the Rudolph Family, to be in the right place and time on the tube truly made a difference in her life and mine.  

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