Nick Marzotto ’11 – As the leaves turn red, brown, and yellow at Wabash College, I have been experiencing a different atmosphere in the southern hemisphere. I have spent almost a month and half in beautiful Argentina, where the season is Spring rather than Autumn.

I´m studying in the city of Rosario, which to most Rosarinos, is considered the second largest city in Argentina. Rosario lies on the Paraná River, which is the fourteenth longest river in the world. I like to equivalate Rosario to Chicago because of its industry, sports teams, and layout. Rosario has two major soccer teams, Newels Old Boys and Rosario Central, which both compete in the top league in Argentina. Rosario is crucial to Argentina because of its connection to the interior of the continent so many different cultures influence the atmosphere in Rosario.

The culture in Argentina is very interesting because it seems to be a mixture of European, American, and a little flavor of South America. The food in Argentina is incredibly European, which means no spice. Steak and wine is what Argentina is known for and I would definitely have to agree. Another difference that makes Argentina unique is the accent that use while speaking Spanish, it´s Spanish with a major Italian influence.

The school I have been studying at is called the Universidad Nacional de Rosario. The courses that I am enrolled in are Gramatica 4, Conversación 4, Historia, and Topics in Latin American and Argentine Culture. Each class is challenging but gives me an interesting outlook on the history of Argentina and the struggles the nation has endured in its short history.

In the month and half of living in Argentina, I have explored different cities/areas. I have made trips to Salta (which is in the Andes), Buenos Aires (the tenth largest city in the world), as well as Cordóba (third largest city in Argentina). Each area had its on story and atmosphere which was incredible to see and experience.

In a couple weeks, my program is taking a trip to Iguazu Falls which to many is considered one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world. It´s the fifth largest waterfall and should be a breathtaking sight. The opportunity to view and experience this diverse and fascinating culture has been a real treat to my liberal arts experience and a true once in a lifetime experience. Wabash Always Fights!

In Photos: Top left, Nick at A waterfall in La Cumbrecita, Rosario from the Parana River. Bottom right, the Barrio La Boca in Buenos Aires.