Mark Schultz ’10 – My study abroad experience in Germany began three weeks ago when I landed in Frankfurt. Since then, the program has kept us busy with study trips and grammar classes. On Monday, we have to take the DSH test which partially determines what classes we can take. All of those little details within the German language that I always skimmed over are starting to come back to get me.

The first weekend we traveled to Wertheim and Würzburg along the Romantic Road. Würzburg is famous for the Residenz, which is a large palace built in the baroque architecture style. We were given a couple hours of free time to wander around and visit a number of other historical sites in the city. Last weekend we traveled by bus to Bavaria, Switzerland and Lichtenstein. In Bavaria, we saw one of the most famous European castles, Neuschwanstein. We have seen a number of castles in the few weeks here, but this one clearly beats them all. Unfortunately it was raining for most of the trip, but a number of people in the group managed to pass the time with a few beverages.

I am looking forward to entering the classes at the Üniversität in Heidelberg, mostly because it means being done with four hours of grammar classes every morning. The program also offers numerous opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities and even find a part time internship. On top of that, it’s a nice change of pace to actually have girls in class.

Next weekend is Heidelberger Herbst, which is basically Heidelberg’s version of Oktoberfest. The next weekend is the Volksfest in Stuttgart, so I should be keeping busy for a little while. A few fraternity brothers are planning on visiting for those events, so hopefully that works out as planned.

In photos: Upper left, Schultz at Neuschwanstein. Lower right, Heidelberg’s famous castle overlooking the city.