Rudolph-Funded Study Abroad
Summer 2022 Blog
Maxwell Fricke ’23, London

The city of London itself provides an atmosphere that welcomes people from all over the world. Although I knew beforehand that London has many different cultures, I wasn’t expecting what I observed firsthand. Every area of London has a variety of different foods, fashion, and art that creates a very inclusive environment. 

Another very eye-opening experience while in the United Kingdom was being able to drive to the Scottish Highlands. The first challenge with this was quickly learning how to drive on the left side of the road which proved to work out surprisingly well. After breaking through the central English Midlands my fellow Wabash colleague Jared Gady and I began to witness the gorgeous landscapes of the Highlands. Although we did not find the Loch Ness Monster the tumbling grass hills, local cultures, and ancient castles proved to be worth the long drive. 

I recommend that all Wabash students try to apply for a study abroad program during their academic career as it will provide you with an experience that will last a lifetime. Also, a special thanks to the Rudolph family for providing me with additional funding for my trip.