Yangnan Liu ’11 – While most of other Wabash juniors are technically studying abroad, I consider myself taking this semester outside of the typical land of “United States.” New York City itself is a multi-cultural community that combines interesting elements from every part of the world. Different part of the city features different people and their lifestyle. One could totally have a leisurely European afternoon with a cup of Italian coffee after shopping at the city’s most stylish area SOHO and then walk down to east village and have authentic Korean barbecue and Japanese sushi. I am so impressed by the mixed New York City culture.

I spent most of my Sunday afternoons in Chinatown.  Not only because it has probably the cheapest daily groceries and the amazingly authentic Chinese food, Chinatown is also celebrating the 2011 Chinese New Year this weekend. Although the buildings remind me nothing like today’s modern China, the atmosphere, kids’ happy faces along with the traditional dancing lions on street made me feel like I am back home. This was the first time I felt so close to my homeland since I came to the States. It was also the first time I saw so many different people from other part of the world celebrating China’s traditional holiday.

New York City is like a little global village. You travel around the world as you walk across each street. I am glad I chose to stay in the States and enjoy foreign customs while not worrying travelling too far. This experience will definitively inspire me and expand my global horizon.