Congrats to Wabash Wrestling

Wabash hosted the 2014 NCAA Midwest Wrestling Regionals today and I got to volunteer. Good thing I did because Wabash kicked some a$&!! Seriously, Junior Connor Lefever pinned his opponent within 7 seconds into the match and secured his spot for nationals along with his brothers Junior Reece Lefever and freshman Riley Lefever.. Senior Josh Sampson also got a pin and is going to nationals with Senior Austin O’Neal and Junior Tommy Poytner. Great day as a whole for Wabash. Baseball team won both games today, tennis fell short but Wabash Always Fights! Congrats to all Wabash Athletes.

It felt great seeing our guys perform as great as they did and even greater that they had so much family and friends there to share it with them. I never competed in a sport in high school so I can only imagine how amazing it feels to make it to the NCAA Nationals. So much hard work, time, effort, and sacrifice on not only the athlete’s part but his immediate family such as his parents.

No one I know back home wrestled, nor have I gone to an NCAA wrestling regionals match. But one of my brother’s did weight lift in college and I remember going to his USA Powerlifting competitions as a ten year old and looking up to all the college students. I was filled with a bit of pride being that college student with an all access NCAA lanyard hoping that those ten year old kids were looking up to me. That is a stretch but oh well felt great helping out and supporting the team.

Have a great rest of your weekend!

Everybody’s got a niche

Yeah it might be cliche but usually the truth is. Two of my classes this semester allow me to express my interest in education specifically charter schools like KIPP. In my Spanish class the final is a ten page research paper on the problem with public education and if charter schools like KIPP are actually fixing the problem. In my Econ Public Policy class I have to write two policy briefs also on KIPP and public education. Once those get off the ground and running I will be able to combine information and use resources over again in all three of my assignments.

My niche is KIPP and being able to write about how it helps me and its current students succeed in their own field of interest. Why, because even though KIPP might be here to prepare you for college they understand that college is not for everyone. But the skills to go to and through college should be for everyone. That is why it is my niche, KIPP allows me to help others while all the while continuing to help me and inform others of KIPP.

First Test of the Semester

What a quick but exciting week! Well the snow we could have done without, really who schdules the snow. We would really like to see the green of the grass sometime soon.  Well I went to Indy this past Monday to a marketing firm to learn about entrepreneurship then Wednesday the basketball team beat Ohio Wesleyan. What a great day to have senior night and last home game for the basketball team, beating Ohio Wesleyan who was 14 in the nation. Not to mention my first test this semester in Econ Public Policy which could have not gone better. Or I hope so.

That class just reassures me that I want to be either an econ minor or major, especially public policy analysis. All that really means is that before any policy is enacted by the federal government or state government all of the benefits, costs, utility, and possible effects of it have to be weighed. It’s a lot theory and just as much math which for me is perfect because too much of any one thing is not good.

Friday is here and could not have gotten here faster. TGIF at Sigma Chi then tomorrow wrestling match at Chadwick so the weekend is pretty packed. I also have a buddy coming from my high school to look at Wabash. As I did with my other friends who came and visited, I will speak highly of Wabash but most of the talking will come from Wabash and what it means and stands for. Can’t wait for that.

Everybody’s waiting for the Weekend!!!!!!!



Snow Boarding in Indiana!!

I am really stoked that I responded to that email about going snowboarding Friday afternoon. I had not been snowboarding in about 2 or 3 years and I could not turn down the offer. Best part of it was I did not pay a dime. Thanks to the Extreme Sports Club, led by Sophomore Daniel Craig, it was completely free and even came with buy one get one shakes at Steak and Shake. It doesn’t get much better than that anywhere. A student led organization where they even send invites to the entire campus. Why would you not to go?

Because of Wabash there is a lot I would otherwise not have ever done or be doing. Spontaneity! Because of Wabash and student led organizations I was able to go to the Cross Country nationals last semester and support our Cross Country Team. Because of Wabash I have my own radio show with my buddy where we do anything we want (we keep it legal). And because of Wabash I got to go snowboarding with some guys I knew and some I didn’t. I met some new people and got to have good old fun while rushing down Double Black Diamond Slopes. Yeah I got onto double black diamond.

Senior Zach Vega

Thanks to Wabash I am enjoying myself and relaxing during all the hype and natural stress that there is with classes. Certainly I could deal with it some other way if it wasn’t there, but the fact that it is makes it all that much better. I seriously would not want to be anywhere else right now, I am truly grateful that I am at Wabash College.

I had no real Snowboarding Gear


Tonight I am going to Indy for a networking event at a marketing firm. There it is again, getting out and doing much more than just books and papers. I actually will leave you on that note because I h

ave to go get ready for that.

Thanks Y’all.


70 – 68!!!

At one point during the first half we were down by 20 points, I don’t want to say it was my fault because I was playing drums for the pep band. But when the second half of the game started they found a real drummer and then we started winning. Coincidence? I think not.

Yeah I was playing drums. Lucky for them I knew how to play a standard rock beat kind of like the one on “Another one Bites The Dust” or “Louie Louie.” Others said I played pretty nicely, but musicians always are the worst critics of themselves. We got another basketball game today and hope we will win.