RobertWell, Finals Week is upon us. Yay.

I talked about Finals Week last year just before break, so I won’t rehash my feelings about Finals and tests. I have a few papers to write, some work to compile, and a Latin Test either Monday or Thursday. Either way, I am going to be busy until next Friday.

Really, I’ve been busy a lot. I spend quite a bit of time doing homework and writing papers (and these blogs). And really, I think that has made me a more effective person. I’m not the somewhat introverted, uncertain loner type who came to Wabash last August. I am more confident and well learned, and I feel that I am more open to seeing the big picture than just being another apathetic citizen. The year did have its rough patches, but all in all I think it was a pretty good start to my Wabash career.

And, of course, I loved telling you guys about my time here. It’s nice to have a connection to the outside world, and I hope that I can continue to tell you guys about whatever happens here at Wabash.

But this isn’t goodbye; there’s still one more blog post that I have to write. My last Dork Club event of the year, and let me tell you it is going to be great.

Check in Saturday when I talk about my experiences at Dorkstock.