Cross Country Nationals at Hanover

Congrats to Wabash Cross Country RedPack for making it to 21 in the nation!


Got up at 6:45 and jumped on a fan bus heading to Hanover College for the Cross Country NCAA Division III Nationals. THANKS FOR DRIVING JOEL! I’ve never been to a cross country meet and this being my first, I think I got exposed to it all at nationals. As for everyone else, it was not their first rodeo. Once the runners were out of sight, spectators and fans ran to the next point to cheer them on. Most of the Wabash Guys, we just followed them and cheered “GO REDPACK, LETS GO WABASH!”

Fabian, only a couple meters before the chute. Good Job Fabian!

I always find myself looking at license plates, and today I saw some from New Mexico, Pennsylvania, TEXAS, Virginia, Kentucky, and even one from Canada. (Not Really) When they say Nationals, they mean it. MIT, Johns Hopkins, Trinity University, Washington University, they came from everywhere. The ambiance and energy from the fans was surprising, probably because I had never been to a cross country meet.

Get to wake up early once more tomorrow morning. Usually don’t want to but I’m going home tomorrow so I might not even be able to sleep.

Thanks for reading.