A Look Back

AudieIt’s been a long first year of college. I’ve been tested mentally, physically, and emotionally at times on this small campus. I’ve met people I can’t imagine going a summer without, and I’ve met people that things can only get better with. I’ve tasted potential I didn’t see in myself with running, and I’ve also seen just how much I am my own enemy in running. I’ve seen the brotherhood I’ve always looked for in the miles on roads with my teammates, and the long weeks with my brothers. I’ve been made to think critically of the conservative values I’ve grown up with, and change them to traditional values. Little bit opposite then how most college students become more liberal. I’ve seen the stresses of a Wabash education, athletics, and fraternity pledgeship. Similarly I have seen the fruits of many of these labors, a more educated mind, and Socratic Method of looking at life’s questions. I came here a Biology Major, and I will enter my sophomore year as a Classical Studies Major and Religion Minor. After a long year, which would take too long to entirely look back on, I only have a summer of running, work, and reading standing between myself and another semester under her scarlet banner.