Suppose to go up Monday

It’s 1:22 in the morning I’m walking the campus and my fingers are literally about to freeze off.

What the hell am I doing you may ask? Well I am guarding my campus from a possible attack from D******. Yeah, we don’t spell that word out here not because we don’t know how but because we arnt going to stoop that low.

It’s Bell Week and we are on Defcon 3. If anyone even tries to drive into any driveway on campus, they do not make it very far before they are stopped. No one is going to touch WABASH and no one is definitely taking that bell.

Monon Bell and the rivalry against that school down south is the oldest in the nation. Because of the age of this rivalry, there is a built hunger to hate one another. That’s why I have this bat with me just in case someone tries something. I am really proud about how many independents are out here. It’s a great time for us freshman to bond with each other as well as for the campus. The Rhyne burgers and hot chocolate is attracting a lot of of students.

I’ll get back to my campus guard duties. Haha duties.