OH MY GOSH IT IS HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And tomorrow Christmas shows will be on TV already) A common theme among a number of the fraternities on campus is to have their pledges dress up and attend classes in their respective costumes on this holiday. Now while I do not know the traditions of other houses on this day, I can tell you of some of the events of today here at Phi Gamma Delta.

Your pledge father tends to be the one who will choose your outfit for Halloween. As I am a runner it probably isn’t too hard to figure out what my costume was… the Flash.  With the task of having to run to all of my classes till 4, which is cross country time so I’ll still have to continue to run. All well:) My class’s outfits ranged from Marvel heroes, Power Rangers, Troll dolls, to Disney princesses. Yep, Disney princesses… Go Wabash! A nicely decorated dinning hall for the Halloween spirit coupled with costumes galore has made this into one interesting day of festivities  and fun.

The weekend approaches, Saturday will be parents weekend, the Redpack is traveling to Pennsylvania to compete for the NCAC title, and studying is always present. ALWAYS PRESENT. COUNTDOWN TO THANKSGIVING IS STARTING.


The B & B Show

If you want to know what it stands for, ask either Pat or I. 

Well Pat and I finished our first broadcast last night and it was AWESOME. I am still excited writing about it now. Sitting behind those studio mics that you have seen on TV and babbling into them was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had while trying something new. I know we both were a bit nervous going into it, but our excitement simply cast away any sense of its presence.Pat calling his parents about the show.


We were on air playing a shared interest of music consisting of everything from Neil Young to Ray Charles. This show was just a great way to relieve some homework stress that video games and music weren’t able to help with. Literally an output for stress where we input our creativity.

Speaking of creativity, we came up with the idea to invite President Hess to our show and have him kick off our WNDY guest star line up. It’s not official yet, but if he agrees we are looking to advertise and inform the campus about it. It is nothing more than the greatest idea. Students will  have a reason to tune into WNDY, creating an audience for many of the other shows. Students will also be able to learn about what President Hess has in store for Wabash. But as most college students are, we are looking to keep this informal all the while professional so students learn about his personal interest, hobbies, crazy stories from his college career, and much more. It obviously doesn’t stop there because we are looking to have professors and even students on air with us so we can get to know different parts of the campus. Athletes, Sphinx Club, Student Senate, IFC or IMA are all fair game along with the rest of the student body. A variety of professors and staff is on our checklist as well.


This radio show is just going to be a gold mine for other students to tune into when they want to sit back, relax and just get a great laugh. If you missed our show yesterday tune in next Wednesday for our next show or tune in anytime of the week past 7 in the evening and listen to one of the other shows. The topics and music vary from show to show, but they are all interesting and enjoyable. 

Hope you can tune into 91.3 FM next Wednesday from 7-8 to listen to some great music.

Thanks for reading yall.


This is one of those weeks where I seem more tired than usual. That is to be expected; sometimes we just keep going and we don’t really realize how hard we’re pushing ourselves until we just crash… and Dork Club was canceled this week due to scheduling mishaps, so there goes my chance to turn my brain off.

I can’t emphasize how important it is to get a chance to relax; I think last week was probably the most energetic I’ve been in a long time, and I did notice that my classwork improved a little with rest. But now… well, I’ve hit the metaphorical wall. I really just want to go and crash on my bed for a few hours, but I can’t do that because I have responsibilities and stuff to deal with… meh. I suppose I could keep my eyes closed long enough that it’ll all just go away… oh wait, that would mean sleeping, and I can’t do that. Well, I can, just… never mind.

Anyway, I suppose we do need days where we just burn ourselves out, because then we have a chance to build ourselves into something a bit more resilient. That being said, I wouldn’t want to spend all my time getting broken down and then rebuilt, metaphorically or physically (really, there’s sick people out there. That stuff is gross)… Well, at least I still have my limbs in one piece (and this post is getting pretty morbid all of a sudden… that’s a problem. Maybe it’s the fatigue).

B-Movie cheese at its finest

And as I said earlier, Dork Club was cancelled. Now I have no way to blow off steam until next week, and even longer if Dork Club is cancelled next week as well… I’ve always got Avatar: The Last Airbender to keep me entertained if needed (Yes, I am shamelessly promoting that series, but you all should watch it; it’s awesome)… and I wanted to watch Plan 9 From Outer Space sometime soon (which is awesome in its own way, and by that I mean cheesy B-movie awesome). As long as I can keep up with my work and keep my wits about me, then I can get through this year.

I could probably use a hug too. I like hugs.

Well, the week’s almost over and my parents are coming for a visit on Friday, so that will help.

Cross Country Munchies

So it’s been a busy couple of weeks and I’ve been letting this busy week unfold before I did a blog. This hasn’t been quite that stressful of a week, but it has been one that has slowly but surely grinded at me and tired me out some. Of course I figured out part of the reason for that after I logged all of my weekly miles this evening.


Colin Rinne of Westfield H.S. leads a section of the 2013 Carmel Semistate

This week, in particular Saturday and Sunday I would have to say have been the best two days I’ve had all semester while at Wabash. But the story must start from Friday. Friday was suppose to be a 5 mile day that turned into a little more than 12 miles do to the intense hill workout we did off campus. On that cool down back to campus a Mr. Jared Burris’15 gave me the 411 on heading to Carmel this Saturday to watch Semistate, and stop by his family’s home with a Dalton Boyer ’14. A weekend of fun for cross country geeks! In all honesty I am so tired at the moment I don’t remember anything that happened between the time practice ended and 9am Saturday when we left for the NAP (IndiaNAPolis). It was a hard day!

Upon arriving in the bustling town of Carmel, a place that “Jimmy” Boyer would love greatly to live in one day, we found ourselves out in the cold wind of the Carmel Semistate. We cheered on some people we knew, prospective student-athletes, and just any runner as we runners do. Now Colleen Weatherford (a girl’s name on a Wabash blog say whaaaaaat?!) one of my best of friends I’ve known for three years is currently a freshman runner for Butler University, and she stopped by to see her old Semistate and me (let’s face it she came more to see me than the race).

After the race we all took a little trip to Runner’s Forum in Carmel so I could exchange a pair of Newton Energy running shoes for the Kinvara 4 as my trainer of choice for this coming indoor track season. Models and brands of shoes not too many people have any clue I’m talking about because “cross country is a silly sport.” Following that side stop we drove to Butler so Colleen could grab some running attire, then to Jared’s home five minutes away. After an easy run to recover from the day before, and some showers to get rid of that runner smell, the next several hours would make if not the week or month then the semester. Saturday was the first day I had met Jared’s family, the first day Colleen have even met Boyer or Jared, and not only was Jared’s family home, but so were his relatives that live in Ohio!

That afternoon would involve live entertainment from Jared’s nephew Colton, who is three, enjoys redish-yellow apples, Monster Inc., and The Iron Giant! A lasagna made by Mr. Burris for all of us, a fresh grown salad, and later that night a chocolate cake with molten pudding inside! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. The afternoon was filled with laughter, a viewing of The Iron Giant, and delicious, delicious food. As it neared later in the day it was time to call the party to an end and mount up for Wabash again. We said our goodbyes and thanks, parted ways with Colleen, and headed back to the ‘Bash. You see that’s one of the cooler things about Wabash, not everything that makes this place great happens on campus. I had a great Saturday with my two teammates and friends, experienced homegrown hospitality, and then went on to do my long run at Purdue again with a few other teammates on a cool morning.

Wabash is small, but boy does it allow you to reach far!



A Walk Through Wabash

I didn’t really have a lot to do today (I had a reasonable load of homework and a case of writer’s block), so I decided to get out and go for a walk. Grabbing an apple for a snack and a coat for warmth, I stepped out of my house and started walking around Wabash’s Campus.

My path took me first past the arboretum. For those that are not from Crawfordsville, or just unfamiliar with Wabash, the arboretum contains every single tree native to Indiana, and it’s got a lot of trees. As an Oregonian, I like spending time around trees, since it reminds me a bit of home. Anyway, most of the trees haven’t lost their leaves yet, but as I walked further I found a few that were in the process of losing their leaves or had already lost them. Oregon doesn’t have a lot of deciduous trees in comparison to evergreens (personal inference; there always seems to be more pine trees and similar trees and not many deciduous trees, so this was nice to see). And with a nice apple to snack on, that segments of my walk really felt like a nice fall afternoon (kind of like what I experienced in New York when I was really little).

After passing the arboretum I crossed in front of the chapel, where there were a few more pretty trees to behold. I also caught a glimpse of the football team out at practice, but sports was not my priority so I ignored them for the most part. Unfortunately, I ran out of apple and had to walk with no snack for the rest of the way, and that made me sad… well, sort off. It was nice outside, and that made the walk worth it.

I passed by the Athletics Center, and here things start changing. There are fewer trees, more houses and other facilities. This isn’t a bad thing, but I liked the first leg of my walk a bit better, since it was prettier. Anyway, I saw a few others out walking, although I didn’t necessarily interact with them beyond just a nod and a simple hello. I’m okay with this; going on walks is a good way to clear your head, and sometimes it’s best to go alone (although having company is good, but most of the people I’d like to walk with are back in Oregon). Soon, though, I was getting back to campus, and the trees came back. Yay me.

The last leg of my trip took me around the arboretum one more time. There were a bunch of nice flowers over by the sign. I bring this up because other than the trees Wabash is slightly sparse when it comes to landscaping; a few shrubs here and there, but not much in the way of flowers. Maybe it has something to do with the weather; I imagine that if it got cold enough all the flowers might suffer a severe case of dead, so that’s why there are so few here compared to Oregon.

But I digress.

Anyway, I finished up my walk and started work on this blog post… I really needed that walk; just a chance to get out and clear my head, without the usual distractions of being around a lot of people. We all need moments like this, since we can focus on what’s going on in our heads and plan out just what we are going to do in the weeks to come. And, for a writer like me, it does wonders in getting rid of writer’s block.

Wish I had brought my phone, then you guys would have gotten pictures. Oh well…

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