Back for the Last Stretch

Alejandroblog83Back in the great state of Indiana.

I didn’t realize how much I needed this break until I got home. As my advisor told me “Do a lot of nothing.” Felt great doing a lot of nothing. Caught up on the new season of Modern Family, The Crazy Ones, the rest of Breaking Bad, Walking Dead and a couple of movies. Best way to relax with great laughs from great shows.

Three more papers to write and two finals to study for and this semester will be long over with. With the week long break – which you will learn to appreciate – I was more than ready to get back to the Crawfordsville, see my friends, and finish this semester strong. Being home, I was able to see some friends from high school and they all were not looking forward to getting back to school. I could not and cannot understand this. If you don’t yearn to be in class, then why are you in school at all? Talking to my friends over break, they all had the same to say. “I want to be back at Wabash in class getting it done.” Of course they want to be home with family, but they agreed  with the fact that its special at Wabash and we have something to look forward to while there.

I am glad I made my decision to attend Wabash. It’s not out of selfishness for if I would have picked another school, Would I have made friends such as I have. It all came with a package choosing Wabash; the friends, intensity in the classroom, and level of excellence we are held to “in and outside the classroom” is far from present in the other schools I had in mind.